Quite the fitness enthusiast, Mark Wahlberg is in impeccable shape. The actor has starred in dozens of flicks over the years and is one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. As such a prominent figure in Hollywood, Mark owes it to himself to stay in shape as he never knows what his next role will entail. While much of the journey to reaching your fitness goals has to do with what you're eating and how often you're exercising, Wahlberg takes his fitness regimen to the extreme. 

On his recent visit to The Ellen Show, he spoke to the famed host about his unusual recovery routine. Most people opt for a post-workout drink and even the most simple-minded fitness enthusiasts will preach the benefits of stretching and yoga. Mark, however, is all about cryotherapy.

"I'm telling you, it is great for recovery, and it just takes all the inflammation out of your body, it helps you sleep good," says Wahlberg on the insane process. Mark regularly uses a cryo chamber that dips to temperatures under 150 degrees below zero, which just seems like frostbite waiting to happen. Ellen pressed him on that exact fact, to which the star responded that he's only in the chamber for three minutes before calling it a day. Apparently, there are some chambers that are more intense than his regular 150 below zero too as he revealed there's one in Columbus, Ohio where you "have to cover your nipples because they will start to really freeze."

This is true dedication to your goals. Is this something you would ever try or is it too intense for you?