According to Business Insider's Austin Carr, a portion of the upcoming book, Facebook: The Inside Story, details a time when Mark Zuckerberg paid an unidentified Facebook communications executive to blow dry his armpits before his public speeches. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Blow Dry, ArmpitsChip Somodevilla / Getty Images

"He, too, is consumed by his public image. (A communications exec is shown blow-drying the CEO’s armpits before speaking appearances to eliminate anxiety sweat.)," Carr writes while describing the portrait of Zuckerberg the book paints.

"I doubt this is true and if so it would have been at our communications team's request, but surely anyone who has ever worn a grey T-shirt can relate," spokesperson Liz Bourgeois told Business Insider when asked for comment.

As noted by Complex, Zuckerberg has infamously dealt with perfusive sweating problems during public appearances. Speaking about the site's controversial privacy issues in 2010 for a D8 interview with Kara Swisher, Zuckerberg suffered from a particularly bad case of the sweats that gained traction in the mainstream media.

The book will detail the rise of Facebook and how it has become one of the most important websites in the world. Its Google Books description says it "tells the story of how Facebook has changed our world and asks what the consequences will be for us all."

You can pick up a pre-order copy of Facebook: The Inside Story here. The book officially releases on February 25.