It's a bittersweet birthday for Marlon Wayans. On Thursday (July 23), the accomplished entertainer turned 48-years-old and while he celebrated another year around the sun, Marlon also took time to write multiple tributes to his late mother, Elvia Wayans. The matriarch of the Wayans brood passed away at 81-years-old and mothered 10 children, many of whom have become household names due to their incredible talents.

"Losing you shattered me into 1000 pieces," the comedian solemnly wrote. "I’m putting myself back together piece by piece. You will always be my glue. Miss you. Today i celebrate for the both of. In the midst of this hurt... i just love you ma. #missyou i accomplished so much, made you so proud... but now i got angel to lift me. #loveofmylife."

He also shared a childhood photo of himself with his mother as he continued to memorialize her with another loving message. "Everytime i seen this woman i smiled. I see her in every woman... the greatness you all behold. The joy you can always share. The sweetness and affection we all possess but we’re to damaged to just let go. Thank u ma for gifting me pure love. You will always be my first love happy bday woman. Baby boy misses you."

It's unclear when Mother Wayans passed away, but we send our condolences to the Wayans family.