A few months back Marlon Wayans announced that he will be releasing a YouTube sketch comedy channel that will let him express his humour and original ideas even more. “I’m partnering with Shots Studios, who does amazing work with incredible talent. Looking forward to expanding my brand of humor into the YouTube arena," he said in a statement

Marlon has recently shared a special moment from when he was just nine-years-old and met Eddie Murphy, detailing how it was the first time he ever "felt famous" which surely gave him the spark to succeed in his industry.

"I remember he came to my projects. He let me and my brother Shawn talk about his cow skin pants (which by the way cost more than everything in our entire apartment... including us). He sat there laughing and joking as my nephew @craigwayans kept punching on him," he wrote on Instagram.

"He gave us all autographs and write to Craig “when you get older I’m gonna punch you in the face”. Someone caught wind that Eddie Murphy was in our apartment Everyone in the projects was lined up outside our door. We walked Eddie to the car and Sean and I was waving to everybody saying “no autographs”. That was the first day I ever felt famous. Love Eddie Murphy forever always a big brother, a friend and a The GOAT."

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