A lot has changed in Marsha Ambrosius' life. After giving birth to her child, the singer is already back on her grind, rolling out a new full-length project.

Although the subject matter of her music does change in accordance with her life experiences, the songstress has no plans to diminish the sexual energy that made her a fan favorite. 

"If you’ve been riding with me for the past what is about to be two decades, my narrative hasn’t changed. It just remained consistent and I’ve always spoken about what I’m going through in life. So tone down the sexy? Why? I just had a baby, I feel all glorious like I can do anything! So it’s empowering. It’s more so empowerment and now if it was toned-down before, it’s turnt up now."

The lyrics also addresses her claim to fame in the Hip Hop scene and how it all started.

"I’ll start with 'From Scratch' with The Game. I just remember the reaction of Dre when I sent it back. They were like, 'Look we need to get Game’s album out. He has this record and he don’t have a hook yet.' I remember sending it back and I was like, 'Yo, I'm on the Game album? Like THAT album, The Documentary? I’m on that album? Okay, crazy.' And then I remember 'Get You Some.' I could only hear, 'money, cars, clothes, sexy broads.' So I sent that back with the intent for them to put someone else on there. I was like I’m just writing it, I’ll reference it. Before I know it, I have a record with Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip. I was like, 'I can throw in the towel. I’m going to hang it up, I quit. This is all I ever wanted to do.'

I’m almost the female Nate Dogg. Almost. I didn’t know I was striving for that title if there’s ever such a title. "

Her upcoming album Nyla is set for release on September 28.