It looks like Veteran free-agent tight end Martellus Bennett, is calling it quits from the NFL. Although he didn’t use the word “retire,” he did say he was stepping away from NFL to focus on his next chapter in life.

In a long statement on IG Friday evening, Bennett said he was leaving football to fulfill his life long passion in the creative space. He said he wasn’t truly a football player, but rather a creative guy playing football. 

“I’ve decided to move on from the world of football and into the fantastical and wondrous world of creativity. To be honest I was never really a football player I’ve always just been a creative guy who played football. I’ve loved some parts of the game but never everything about it. The game of football has been a huge part of my journey but it has never been my final destination. Nor has it been my life’s work. I always knew that this roller coaster ride would end I’ve enjoyed every up and down twist and turn, as well as every scream and shout. It was fun, scary, exciting, painful, frustrating and I’ve had the joy of being on this rollercoaster a lot longer than most. But it’s time to get off of it and ride another ride at MartyLand as I begin my life’s work of creativity something that I love every single part of.”

Bennett played for the Dallas Cowboys (2008-2011), New York Giants (2012), Chicago Bears (2013-2015), Patriots (2016, 2017) and Green Bay Packers (2017), and totaled 433 career receptions for 4,573 yards and 30 touchdowns. He’l definitely be missed in the league.

This report comes just hours after his brother, Michael, was indicted for injuring an elderly man in the Las Vegas stand off last year.