Marvel is in control of the reins, as far Daredevil Season 3 is concerned. They've already stated that the show will renew itself between now and the end of the year, but only they know when exactly that's going to take place. The showrunners have administered the first clue: in the shape of a missing poster for Matt Murdock aka "Daredevil," who was last seen in Season Two, on the edge of revealing his identity and his closing legal firm. Then on The Defenders, Murdock lags behind as the Midland building turns to rubble, leading many of the characters to believe he has perished.

Then in Kayfabe fashion, the "Jessica Jones" Twitter handle adds her voice to the conversation, in asking who would dare to abduct a proven "anti-hero," a question she poses to arouse interest in the non-kayfabe elements of the show.

Then Luke Cage comes out of nowhere and tries to keep the hope alive. Iron Fist seems to agree that Matt Murdock is "a good guy" worth saving.

But Jessica Jones isn't buying it, she thinks Matt Murdock is as good as dead, no offense to anyone who thought otherwise. Marvel's attempt to drum up interest feels a lot like the golden age of the WWF, when wrestlers would stage public events in full-character. For the record, Deadline reports that more details should emerge regarding Daredevil when the Marvel team hits NY Comic Con next month.