Since Avengers: Endgame has come and gone, leaving the MCU to reshuffle the deck and regroup, some fans have decided to pass the time by contemplating tin-foil theories on the internet. And outlandish though some may be, it doesn't take much one of them to gain legs, as Reddit user Alexandrite1234 has since come to learn. As it happens, said user put forth an interesting theory, suggesting that Star-Lord, the legendary outlaw of Guardians Of The Galaxy fame, and Captain Marvel, the stoic protector of worlds upon worlds, once dated. 

The post cites a throwaway comment Star-Lord made in the first Guardians, in which he details a brief and violent affair with a Kree woman. Given that Captain Marvel is a human with some Kree blood, the connection does hold soooome water, flimsy though it may be. The user also references the shared presence of Troll dolls in both films, suggesting an unexpected connection forged by way of toy collecting, as all strong relationships are. 

Of course, the whole thing feels like a reach and a half, though one thing cannot be denied - the seeds are there, and should the powers that be feel inclined to water them, it wouldn't be surprising in the slightest. What do you think about this one?