Marvel's Avengers premiered its first trailer at E3 several weeks ago, and it was met with mixed reviews. The gameplay did not blow some viewers away, and the voice actors made others feel uncomfortable. Still, there was hope for the title since most of the footage was preliminary. Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamic promised to deliver a Game Of The Year contender with Avengers, and they gave fans more details about the game at San Diego Comic-Con. 

The legendary Hall H was shown roughly 20 minutes of gameplay, which has been defined as the prologue to the main story. The clip begins as a celebration for the Avengers in San Francisco is being held. Called A Day, the team is opening a new headquarters on the West Coast. Suddenly, there are explosions on the Golden Gate Bridge. Captain America sends Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hulk to investigate. Footage of gameplay with each character was highlighted during the battle. Thor's moves were typical for the god of thunder. He utilized lightning blasting across the ground to subdue enemies and also used tiny tornadoes that lifted bad guys off the ground and threw them. Of course, Thor's mighty hammer was also in the mix. Iron Man displayed range-focused combat as he blasted at bad guys with shots from his Unibeam and ranged missiles. Hulk used several aerial moves (much like in Marvel VS Capcom 3) to come crashing back to earth like a meteor. He also used his Sonic Clap, and tossed tanks around like toys.

Black Widow used ninja-like combat to battle Taskmaster, the villain behind the attack. After she defeats him and meets up with Thor, Iron Man and Hulk, she reveals that she feels like the entire thing was a setup. At that moment, the Helicarrier where Captain America is stationed explodes, killing him and destroying much of the city from the fallout. The explosion on A Day also triggers a Terrigen generator, which covers the entire city in Terrigen Mists. That includes Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, who is surrounded in the swirling green gas. This hints at a major plot point which may include the Inhumans, who are created when species with dormant genes are exposed to the Terrigen Mists. 

Other than the main story, players will also be able to play online in a co-op mode that allows gamers to customize their own hero. Gamers will be able to squad up with friends and complete undefined challenges that will help them upgrade their custom heroes. We can't wait.