Marvel's Spider-Man has smashed records to become the quickest selling video game for the PlayStation 4 console. The game is essentially a Marvel version of the Batman Arkham series, taken to the next level. This past weekend, Marvel Games' executive director Bill Roseman tweeted that the popular game will act like Iron-Man did for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In case that reference is a little too obscure for some, Roseman is essentially stating that Spider-Man will jump-start an interconnected universe of superhero games. 

In an interview with GameSpot, Insomniac Games' creative director Bryan Intihar, stated, "The funny thing that Marvel and I talk a lot about is this is the Iron-Man, this is the one that's going to start it off." It was that statement that prompted Roseman's tweet. "One of my fave parts of this video is when @bryanintihar talks about how Marvel’s Spider-Man is intended as 'the Iron Man of Marvel video games,'" wrote Roseman. "Which is exactly how we view it. As with that first MCU hit, #SpiderManPS4 kicks off a new era for Marvel console games." If Marvel can offer several interconnected titles, such as a Black Panther or Iron-Man title that all builds up to some type of Avengers cross-over game, they will take over the gaming industry.