Playstation 4 owners have been eatin' this year, with the releases of God Of War and Marvel's Spider-Man providing some truly enjoyable video game experiences. And while the latter has been acclaimed across the board, some fans were left unfulfilled by the lack of "New Game Plus." Now, it would appear that a solution is upon us, courtesy of the recently released1.07 and 1.08 updates. According to a report from IGN, developer Insomniac has officially implemented New Game Plus, which will allow gamers to replay the game with all their suits, moves, and gadgets intact. 

If that weren't enough, Insomniac has also added a new difficulty, the ominous sounding "Ultimate" difficulty, which will ramp up the challenge to an appropriate degree. Alongside that comes a pair of new trophies, which will be awarded upon completion of new game plus, as well as conquering the "Ultimate" difficulty. Consider the replay value enhanced.

The update comes before the first of three DLCs, The Heist, arrives later this month. What do ya'll think, has anyone tried their hand at PS4's acclaimed Spider-Man game?