"Marvel's Spider-Man" for the PlayStation 4 has been considered one of the best games of the year by gaming fans. The open world game allows you to swing from building to building in New York City while also fighting crime as one of Marvel's most iconic superheroes. Fans of the game have been asking for a new skin that would make Spider-Man look more like he did a decade ago when Toby Maguire played the character. 

Now Insomniac Games, the makers of "Marvel's Spider-Man" are granting those wishes just in time for the holiday season, with the brand new "Raimi Skin," named after the original director of the films, Sam Raimi. According to the company's post on Twitter, the skin will be free for all owner's of the game.

This is good news considering most game companies force you to pay for the skins you really want. Not only is "Marvel's Spider-Man" a good game, but it's developers definitely care about the community.

Have you played the new Spider-Man and if so, would you say it's a game of the year contender?