Keeping in line with the theme of connective tissue between different shows and films across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new preview for Marvel's upcoming What If...? indicates that the animated show follows the universe-shattering events that took place at the end of Loki's season 1 finale. Marvel's first animated show on the Disney+ platform is set to premiere on August 11th, with a weekly episode format that the studio has become accustomed to in the releases of its first three shows, which are direct offshoots and are centered around characters from previous films in the MCU.

Spoilers ahead for the season 1 finale of Loki.

At the end of the final episode of the first season of the breakout hit show Loki, the Sylvie character puts a blade to the chest of Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains character, effectively breaking the cycle of harmony his character has established with The Sacred Timeline and breaking open the multiverse in the MCU. What If...? is set to explore different iconic events throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the animated lens of The Watcher character, only this time switching around characters to create new stories. For example, Black Panther's T'Challa – voiced by Chadwick Boseman in his final performance of the character – will appear in an episode centered around him being picked up and raised by the Ravagers from Guardians of the Galaxy as opposed to the Star-Lord character played by actor Chris Pratt from the films.

"A multiverse of infinite possibilities awaits," the show account's caption reads, implying that the events the viewers are witnessing are happening in different multiverses separate from the one we've seen in the live action films so far.

There hasn't been any confirmation just yet from Marvel Studios or head executive Kevin Feige that What If...? is canon or directly connected to the overall MCU, but the pieces are coming together as online rumors are starting to spread that certain characters from the animated series will appear in live-action form in future MCU films.

Marvel has also shared a character poster for The Watcher, who is voiced by veteran actor Jeffrey Wright. Check out the poster below.

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