Mary J. Blige is not being described as the best tenant from her former landlord who claims the "Family Affair" songstress trashed a Los Angeles mansion she was renting with her ex-husband and skipped out on monthly payments. According to The Blast, Mary and ex Martin Isaacs rented a Beverly Hills home starting on May 1st, 2015 that required a $51,000 security deposit and $25,000 monthly rent. 

In April 2016, the couple reportedly extended their lease and the rent increased to $27,000 per month. The publication says they failed to pay rent August through November and were handed a notice to pay up the combined amount or vacate in three days. A deal was made where Mary and Martin would pay $27,000 and the rental company could keep the security deposit. 

Apparently, the $27,000 was never received and once the property was vacated $16,058.78 worth of damages to the home were found. The issues listed had to do with holes in the wall, broken garage doors, water heaters, freezer and more. The company even claimed that $31,052.52 in audio entertainment was taken from the home. 

The landlords are seeking $58,211.13 plus interest from the former couple.