Shortly after announcing his new album "Now We Even", Ma$e has taken to Twitter to squash any lingering beef between himself and former Children Of The Corn affiliate Cam'ron, pledging to remain loyal because of their Harlem roots.

"TO ME @Mr_Camron IS HOMETEAM. SO 'NO' we don't have any beefs. I can only comment on what is factually correct" tweeted Ma$e.

Talk of a beef between the two rappers dates back several years, after they began trading shots both on and off record. On 2002's "Welcome To New York City," Cam'ron raps: "You get jammed with them jammers, blammed with them blammers / Ask Ma$e, he ran to Atlanta".   

Cam' recently addressed his relationship with Ma$e in an interview on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club: 

"I haven't spoken to Ma$e in three or four years," Cam'ron said. "Ma$e just be up and down. He'll do the church thing, then you'll go on his Instagram and you be like... he tougher than leather, man."

That's all for now, folks. Peep the above-mentioned interview with Cam' and read Ma$e's tweet on the matter below: