The marital happenings between Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter have had many people throwing in their two cents, most notably 50 Cent who called Wendy the "world's most famous side chick." Another person has come in the mix and it's none other than Masika Kalysha who just had to drop off a salty comment referring to Wendy's past infamous charts she's presented on her talk show. 

Masika commented on a post that claimed Wendy's divorce was due to her husband impregnating his mistress. "Now imma delete this very soon bc I don't enjoy seeing other women hurt by (and blamed for the actions of) the men they entrusted unlike you do... but I was just wondering @wendyshow can we get a chart for this," she wrote.

If you can remember, Wendy has shown charts of lots of celebrities baby mamas and the drama that has ensued with each. Take a look at the one she did for Future here. We're pretty sure Masika was involved in one of those charts that had to do with FettyWap.

Someone in the comment section clapped back at Masika, defending Wendy for just doing her job, but the former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star came through with some tea.

"News flash "reality" tv ain't reality sis it's an acting gig loosely based off a person that's been turned into a "character" to be embellished, augmented and heavily edited," she added.