Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett exchanged words following their matchup, Sunday, and appeared to make amends after engaging in a brutal fight in 2019.

Myles Garrett, Mason RudolphJason Miller / Getty Images

"Onward and upward," Rudolph wrote on Twitter with a picture of the two players.

Rudolph told reporters that Garrett first approached him after the Browns' 24-22 victory: "Myles came over and said 'Good game' in the postgame. That's all it was. I told him 'Good luck,' and have a lot of respect for him."

In September, Garrett said he doesn't hold a grudge against Rudolph and foreshadowed how running into him again would play out:

I just don't want any grudges. I don't have any grudge against [Rudolph]. I don't have any ill intent against him. It's not like I'd have anything against him if I saw him in public or if I saw him in a game and we were suited up. I'd just play him like I play anybody else. if I saw him in public, I'd just fist-bump and walk away just like if I saw anybody else on the street that I didn't know personally. I don't have a problem with that. Other than that night, before that play and after that play, I don't think we spoke two words to each other.

The Steelers and Browns will face off again, next week, in the first round of the playoffs.