Massachusetts residents are probably more thankful than ever this Thanksgiving since the U.S. state has opened its first-ever weed shop today, CBS reports. The state has become the first to do so in the East Coast with two shops opening after recreational marijuana was legalized back in 2016. Massachusetts is now the seventh state in America to open shops, following in the footsteps of Washington, Oregon, Colorado and California.

"I think there's a lot going on here in trying to bring marijuana out of the shadows," Mayor David Narkewicz told the publication, detailing what he will do with his own purchase: "I am actually going to probably preserve it and display it…because it is historically significant."

Lineups for the shops stretched for blocks with estimated wait times tallying up to 2.5 hours. Even the streets driving to the shop had cars held up in traffic. 

Being as New York is just a three to four-hour drive away, the road trip to see family members for the holidays now comes with a prize upon arrival.