Astroworld is officially on the way! With Travis Scott releasing the trailer for his upcoming album minutes ago, we can officially begin to freak out over the madness that's about to ensue. Fans have been waiting for Astroworld for years and now, it's finally in sight as a proposed August 3 release date has just been confirmed by the man himself. Last week, a giant representation of the artist's likeness was installed atop one of Hollywood's most recognizable landmarks, Amoeba Music. While we are were confused about what it may mean, it appears as though it was all a plan to build anticipation for the new album.

Two more recently appeared in Houston, La Flame's hometown, and New York City. The massive, gold Travis Scott heads have been helping to build hype levels for the album and with it now being confirmed as only a few days away, hype could not be any higher. The Houston head was the second to appear at Minute Maid Park and later in the morning, another was installed on top of the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC's Times Square. 

Astroworld is now on the way and we'll likely be seeing a few more of these heads pop up in different cities. If you haven't yet, check out the trailer here. Let us know if you're excited about the album!