No Limit CEO Master P makes business moves as if he doesn't already have a full plate. The rap mogul is busy with music, film, charitable causes, and philanthropic efforts, but recently he took his food business interests to a new level. 

If you made your trek to theaters this summer and saw P's I Got the Hook Up 2, then you may have noticed that there was a burger restaurant featured in the movie. That may have been a fictionalized burger joint, but Percy Miller has created the real thing in New Orleans with his restaurant, Big Poppa Burgers. 

According to, Big Poppa Burgers is inspired by P's grandfather and the memories he has of spending time with his patriarch around the grill. P wants everyone who visits his corner-placed, mom-and-pop-style establishment to feel as if they are an extension of his bloodline. "My family loves to cook," he said. "As a kid, hamburgers were my favorite food. It was the way my grandfather cooked them up. I’d always watch him. He seasoned it well, he grilled it well, he put some sauce on there, that was a perfect burger.”

Don't be surprised if you see a Big Poppas Burgers in a city near you, as P is always thinking ahead when it comes to making business moves. “I started out in the music business, but my longevity is about creating brands and businesses, and you utilize your power to promote all your brands,” he stated. “You only can do that if you own something. This is about having a family restaurant and putting that business in the community where you come from.”