Matt Barnes' ex-wife Gloria Govan recently escaped felony charges in the child endangerment case she got her self into and now that Matt has custody of his twin boys, he's filed papers to get his child support payments lowered per month. The Blast reports that Matt pulls in $161,000 per month and is expected to pay $20,000 to Gloria, as well as pay for his boys’ private school tuition.

According to court documents Matt claims that now that he is looking after his kids more, he shouldn't have to be shelling out the same amount of money to Gloria. He also claims that she's not working anymore as she was last on Basketball Wives in 2011 and the court should determine how much she's making before he pays another dime. 

Matt will apparently only be making $161,000 per month until 2020 as per his last basketball contract.

As previously noted, Gloria found herself in the child endangerment case when she attempted to pick her kids up on Matt's day to have them. "Despite this legal arrangement, Govan decided to show up early and beat him to it," court docs noted. "When Barnes' arrived, he told his children to get into his car. When he drove off with the children, Govan launched into a fit and chased after him. Eventually, she was able to block his car with her own vehicle which led to a 911 call."