The LA County DA has rejected the child endangerment charges against Gloria Govan. Last month, Gloria Govan's arrest was reported after a disagreement broke out when both parents were attempting to pick up their children from school on the Friday before Labor Day.

"Despite this legal arrangement, Govan decided to show up early and beat him to it. When Barnes' arrived, he told his children to get into his car. When he drove off with the children, Govan launched into a fit and chased after him. Eventually, she was able to block his car with her own vehicle which led to a 911 call."

The defense attorney has since claimed Govan did not drive in a manic way to place her vehicle ahead of Barnes' and affirms that she parked the car and made the 911 call calmly.

Since there was no evidence apart from Matt's testimony that demonstrated Govan endangering the former couple's children, the felony charges were dropped. 

In response, Matt Barnes has filed a restraining order that requires Govan to stay 100 yards away from their kids. She is, however, allowed to see them once a week during a monitored visit. 

Both parties are said to be in court today to determine whether the restraining order should be lifted or kept in place permanently.