Matt Barnes went to pick up his twin boys from school this past Friday since it was his weekend to have them but was met by his ex-wife Gloria Govan who tried to intervene and take them instead. After Matt managed to drive off with the kids, Gloria proceeded to follow and engaged in reckless driving to stop Matt's car. The police were called and since Matt had documentation that proved it was his weekend with the children, Gloria was arrested and booked for child endangerment. 

The Blast now reports that Matt has filed for full custody of the kids saying Gloria is a danger to their safety. He wants Gloria's visits to the kids to be court-monitored and his documents are asking the court "to order her to stay 100 yards away from him, the kids, and the kids’ school." The publication notes how Gloria is not going down without a fight since she's enlisted powerhouse attorney Mark Gross to attend today's emergency motion in Los Angeles. Gloria thinks her arrest was unwarranted, but we'll have to see how the court decides.