Over the weekend, Matt Barnes' led the protest rally for Stephon Clark. Clark was show by police eight times in the backyard of his grandparent's place after police confused a cell phone for a firearm. The rally on Saturday was held by Sacramento's Black Lives Matter protests and while Barnes made a passionate speech, he revealed that he's beginning a scholarship fund for Stephon Clark's sons.

During the rally in Sacramento this weekend, Matt Barnes made a speech to the crowd and thank them for their participation. He held one of Stephon Clarks' sons in his arms while making the speech and spoke on the fear he has of being a father of two sons with everything that's been going on in America. Shortly after, he revealed that he's in the process of starting a scholarship fund for both of Stephen Clark's sons.

"Thank you to everybody who came out and kept it peaceful." He said, "We’re going to get some accountability for the stuff that continues to go on and we’re doing it for the kids right here. I’m in the process of starting a Clark Boy college scholarship fund to make sure these boys go to college. Like I mentioned earlier, this isn’t a Sacramento problem, this is a nationwide problem."

He later said that once the scholarship fund is fully established, he plans on carrying out throughout the nation to help other children who've lost their fathers in similar situations to Clark's so they'll be able to get a college education in their future.