The drama and courtship between Matt Barnes and his ex-wife Gloria Govan are still ongoing and Derek Fisher seems very much involved. The case started earlier in the year when Matt accused Gloria of embezzling thousands of dollars from him and forging his signature to buy her parents a house. Matt dragged her on social media and she countersued for defamation.

The legal battle still continues, and according to new reports from The Blast, Matt is trying to get Gloria's fiance, Derek Fisher, removed from the case. The publication says Matt is trying to get the judge to reject a private text message between him and Derek to be used against him in court. Derek says the texts prove that Matt was trying to accuse Gloria of “crimes and acts of dishonesty,” but Matt says it was a private conversation that holds no weight. 

The text message Matt sent to Derek that's in question, reads: 

“Listen.. I’m not sure how much she’s told you.. But she’s mad at me cause I found out she stole nearly a million dollars forged my signature & stole my ss# to get her parent a night club & the house they live in.. Since we’ve been going to court over that situation she’s been holding that hate & frustration for me against my boys.”

Matt calls his words on Gloria his opinion and thinks Derek is putting himself in an issue that does not concern him.