Matt Barnes may have been awarded sole and physical custody of his twins, but it doesn't mean he's been awarded peace from his ex-wife. According to The Blast, Matt is trying to get Gloria Govan thrown in jail for violating a restraining order 59 times. Apparently, the violation came from Matt's most recent order he placed last month. 

The former professional basketball player claims that Olivia has texted the children multiple times, initiated unmonitored Facetime calls, came within 100 yards at a football game, and kept tabs on the kids using tracking devices in their phones. Gloria's attorney argued that the 'violations' aren't liable for jail sentence but Matt plans to file a notion.

The restraining order was put into place after Gloria was charged with felony endangerment of her children. Back in September Gloria went to pick her children up from school when Matt was scheduled to have them. After getting into an argument, Matt told his kids to get into the vehicle where Gloria proceeded to follow in her car and was able to block his car with her own vehicle which led to a 911 call.

Gloria was arrested and the charges against her were later dropped, but with a restraining order placed. 

Jason Merritt/Getty Images