When XXXTentacion released his ? album, many were surprised to see one particular name on the tracklist. Philadelphia rapper Matt Ox was featured on the song "$$$" and many people agree that the song has grown on them over time. While it may not have been a favorite at first, its catchiness has shockingly hit people. With tons of posthumous X songs being released as features for other artists, it's weird that Matt Ox was one of the few rappers X had actually worked with and included on his album while he was alive. It seems as though so many people have gotten their hands on an XXX verse or hook but Ox's inclusion materialized organically. He sat down with Mass Appeal to describe just how it happened.

Earlier this week, the 13-year-old released his debut album with Motown, coming through with OX. The project features Chief Keef, Valee and others and in promoting the work, he's been making himself available for interviews. The teenager explained that his collab with XXXTentacion began through a DM, saying, "I DMed him and he texted me back like 'Yo bro, what's up with you.' He sent me his number, we started FaceTiming, just talking to each other. I would play him a couple of tracks I made. He told me he was feeling my newest single I had just dropped. I just kept playing him songs and there was one song I played him and he told me to send it to him. So I sent it and he finished the verse on it. After that, it just started going crazy."

It's a little difficult to get through the entire interview because Ox sounds like he's trying to appear barred out. He starts talking about XXXTentacion at the 1:45 mark.