Things are getting messy in WWE these days, at least a bit more than usual. The drama has been an enticing aspect of the WWE as a whole so it's not like it's anything new but the baby drama between Mike and Maria Kanellis reached new heights in the past week. We already knew that the two have another child on the way but last week, it was revealed that they were having a boy. While that was a lot to celebrate, Maria chose the opportunity to reveal who the father of the child was -- Ricochet. 

Of course, this isn't all that surprising since Maria Kanellis is constantly emasculating her husband. When announcing her pregnancy following a lost Mixed Tag Team Match, Maria blasted Mike in the ring and said that she can't believe he's the father of her children. Pretty savage, if you think about it. That being said, Mike slapped Ricochet across the face after Maria's claim.

Although things are getting heated, Maury Povich is offering to intervene in order to make amends with all parties. The WWE tagged Maury in a post asking "Who is the father of Maria's baby?"

"Maria, Mike, Rusev -- no need to fight it out in the ring. If you're looking for a paternity test, give us a call," he said.

Looks like we'll have to wait and see how this all pans out.