Over the past couple of weeks, the Dallas Mavericks have been looking to make some big decisions when it comes to their head coach and their front office. With Rick Carlisle stepping down, the Mavs needed a head coach that would work well with their superstar Luka Doncic. Not to mention, they also needed a general manager who can actually give Doncic some solid pieces to work with. If there is one thing that was obvious about the Mavs in the playoffs, it's that they had no depth.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Mavericks found their guys today as they hired Jason Kidd to become the next head coach of the team. Meanwhile, the Mavericks took a large risk by hiring Nike executive Nico Harrison as their general manager.

There were reports that Luka wanted Kidd as the next head coach although there was no guarantee that such a thing would happen. However, throughout the hiring process, Kidd seemed to be the only name that would be mentioned amongst the Mavericks, which makes this hiring unsurprising. 

It remains to be seen how well the Mavericks will do under Kidd's leadership although at this point, a playoff series win would certainly be a great start.

Jason Kidd

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images