The feud between Young Thug and French Montana heated up quickly after it all started in the wee hours of the morning. Thus far, we've seen both sides to the story after Thugger blew up on the Coke Boys rapper for disrespectingKendrick Lamar. Already, the Atlanta star's associates Gunna and Wheezy have commented on the beef, sending prayers out for French Montana and taking the Slime God's side. It's now time for one of French's boys to chime in.

Although he is currently in prison, Max B heard about what happened between French Montana and Young Thug and he's allegedly attempting to keep the peace. According to an alleged phone call posted to DJ Akademiks' social media accounts, the rapper has officially weighed in on the bubbling tensions between French and Thug.

French Montana Max B Young Thug
David Becker/Getty Images

"We supposed to be pulling together on some positive shit," says Biggavelli in the video. "All that other shit is goofy. I ain't paying it no mind. I ain't looking for clout. I'm putting out music. I'm trying to feed my family. I'm trying to do real shit."

It's unclear where the phone call was pulled from but Ak alleges that it pertains to the current situation regarding French and Thug. 

His neutral reaction may stem from the fact that Young Thug seems to have helped him as well. In one of his diss videos, the rapper claims that he probably helped Max B more in his life than French Montana has. Maybe he actually has and Max is wary about backing French too hard here.