Yesterday, rumors started flying around that Max B would be released from prison. Much of the speculation came from fan hopes but it was enough to get covered in the news by Vibe. Although it would be amazing if Biggavelli was actually released from jail, that day has not officially come yet according to one of the rapper's associates.

Earlier this year, French Montana said that his homie would be released later this year. The last we had heard about his case, he was due to be free on November 9, 2025 after having his sentence shortened dramatically. The man's 75-year sentence was dropped down to just 20 years after he was found guilty on conspiracy charges related to armed robbery, kidnapping, assault, and felony murder. The Wave God's self-proclaimed right-hand man, Masar, responded to the talk on Instagram, stating that while the rumor of Max B's release is appreciated, it's not truthful. 

"All the enthusiasm upon Charly’s alleged release yesterday is truly appreciated. Although the Internet rumor is false and not founded on any reliable facts, It’s just a matter of time before it become a reality. Thanks to all his fans for the genuine love and support.

As a reminder, on September 16, 2016 @maxb140's sentence was drastically reduced. The verdict delivered by The Honorable James J. Guida was triumphal and everyday that passes by, Charly is getting closer to his release date. In the meantime, rest assured that we are doing absolutely everything in our power to accelerate even faster the process of his liberation. The wave will soon return."

Hopefully, Max B will be released sooner than anticipated. Unfortunately though, that day was not yesterday.