After the debacle Kanye West created with his temporary #Waves album title, Max B found himself on a newfound wave of publicity and appreciation he could ride. He’s now using pushing that wave by launching his own set of emojis, fittingly titled “Wavemoji.”

Similar to the rappers and celebrities who have create emojis before him, they are a mix of signature phrases and artistic renditions of Max B. This is the perfect way to one up everyone who’s using the newly launched iOS emojis. Grab the app on the App Store now (guess Android wasn’t wavy enough) for $1.99 USD.

Despite the Wavemoji app, Max B is still in prison. However, his close associate French Montana said he’d be coming home from prison early, although he still has at least a couple years to serve on his originally 75-year prison sentence. Purchasing this app is a good way to help the emcee get back on his feet after many years locked up.