No matter his circumstances, Max B continues to work on his rap career. The Harlem artist was sentenced to 75 years in prison back in 2009 on charges related to murder and robbery. In May, Max released his first song in eight years, and since that time, he's dropped multiple singles and his Coke Wave 4 mixtape with French Montana finally hit the streets.

It was recently announced that Max B's sentenced had been reduced and it's rumored that he'll finally find freedom sometime in 2021. He's been working on his musical maturation while in prison, something that he touched on with Rolling Stone when he shared his single "Black And Proud." 

"It’s about me really evolving as a person, evolving as an artist," he said. "My music five or six years ago — even before when I used to make music — it was good, but it lacked the experience I have today. The concept fell into my lap: I’m gonna transform from the old Max B into a powerful new artist with a display of content that they aren’t used to. I’m trying to give the people some substance."

Fans will soon get an intimate look into Max's life because he shared on his Instagram page that his team has been working on a documentary. They shared a clip of the forthcoming film, and in it, the rapper talks about being devoted to his art.

"I'm blessed, bro. It's all love that people even look at my sh*t like that. I just work hard and try to be humble when it comes to my art," he said. "Whatever I put into this is what I get back. If you try to cut corners with this sh*t, you ain't gon' get no love. I go hard. I'm dedicated to this sh*t. I'm studying. I'm in my mind. I'm in my craft, like, all the time. People don't see that sh*t. They think it's easy. I make it look easy 'cause I'm Don Snow, but that sh*t is not easy." Check it out below.