After spending almost ten years in a New Jersey prison, Max B's bid has almost come to an end. In a matter of weeks, the wave pioneer is set to be a free man, and looks to be wasting no time in reasserting his position in the game. Today, footage of a phone conversation between Max and New York rapper Dave East has dropped, and from the sound of it, Max has been plotting his next move and then some.

"I'm fuc*in with Harry Fraud, we about to do this Negro Spiritual album," explains Max, prompting an excited response from East. "That shit gonna be crazy. I got another joint, Don Snow, bout to drop that after that. Got that Don Snow album in the cut. That's some New York. Waved up." Dave proceeds to mention his recent collaboration album with Styles P, Beloved, though Max remains a step ahead of him. "I already know, I'm here, I'm there. I know how you do. I'm trying to pump up my little brand and shit. Build this platform. On some real shit, I'm trying to get the fu*k up out of here."

Clearly, Max is ready to put in work, and it's likely that Don Snow and Negro Spiritual will be a refreshing return for the Silver Surfer. Though he's been gone for a minute, his support has never waned, and it's likely that he'll be welcomed by the streets and his fans alike. Are you looking forward to some new music from Max B?