Over the past couple of weeks, one of the biggest viral challenges to take over the internet has been the Bottle Cap Challenge. The challenge is pretty simple although it requires quite a bit of skill. Essentially, the goal is to do a spin kick and knock the bottle cap off of a bottle, without damaging the actual bottle. The challenge appeals to those who have training in mixed martial arts, so it's not surprising that the challenge actually originated in the world of MMA.

UFC fighter Max Holloway was one of the first people to complete the challenge on his Instagram and even got singer John Mayer involved. From there, the Bottle Cap Challenge took off and people are still doing their own spin on it. In a recent interview with ESPN, Holloway spoke about the Bottle Cap Challenge and why it was important for him to get into it.

As he explains, he wanted to show people that Martial Arts are truly an art and that it takes immense precision for everything to come together. He also said that the Bottle Cap Challenge allows people to be exposed to Martial Arts for the first time, which is always a great thing. As for Mayer, Holloway was complimentary of the singer saying he performed the move with a lot more style than most of the MMA fighters out there.

You can watch Holloway's full interview with ESPN below.