Max Kellerman's distaste for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has been well-documented over the last couple of years. Following his MVP season, Kellerman has been waiting for Wentz to be truly great and unfortunately, that has yet to happen, mostly due to injury reasons. Whenever Kellerman goes on a rant against the Eagles quarterback, ESPN's First Take makes sure to keep former QB Dan Orlovsky in the vicinity, so they can have an explosive debate. This has happened numerous times in the past, and today, it happened once again except on a larger scale.

In the First Take clip below, Kellerman can be seen discussing why he thinks Wentz is overrated and how the Eagles would be better off starting their rookie back-up quarterback, Jalen Hurts. Of course, Orlovsky takes exception to this and begins berating Kellerman for his opinion. This led to a fiery exchange that was de-escalated by none other than Stephen A. Smith, who wanted to see order restored to the debate.

By the end of the debate, both men had stayed true to their positions, which won't be wavering anytime soon. Kellerman has even suggested that the Eagles should trade Wentz to the Colts for Philip Rivers, which led to some heavy debate just a couple of weeks ago.

At 1-4-1, it's clear that Max won't be letting up anytime soon.