Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl title on Sunday and now, many are having the debate about who is better between Brady and Michael Jordan. MJ finished his career with six NBA championships while Brady has one more ring to his name. At this point, it makes sense to compare the two careers, and sports-talk television has been having a field day with this discourse.

Today, Max Kellerman of First Take gave his opinion on the matter and if you know anything about his history with Tom Brady, then you could probably guess that he picked MJ over the Buccaneers quarterback. In the video below, Kellerman explains that MJ had more of a brand and that his success rate was ultimately higher.

"The GOAT in team sports is still Michael Jordan," Kellerman claimed. "Whenever he was given a chance, whenever he was on a team with one other all-star, basically, he won the championship in under seven games. [...] Every time Jordan was in a position to win, he won. It was 6-0 with six knockouts. The reason why Jordan's brand is what it is was not only the eyeball test but his brand was synonymous with winning." 

Realistically, both of these men played completely different sports, so it's almost impossible to compare them. Regardless, they are both great choices and you can't go wrong with either of them.

Max Kellerman

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images