Much has been made of the Los Angeles Clippers over the past few weeks after they were shockingly eliminated from the playoffs by the Denver Nuggets despite holding a 3-1 lead. Many have lashed out at the likes of Kawhi Leonard, while others have blamed Paul George for the poor showing. Today on ESPN's First Take, Max Kellerman decided to take aim at the latter.

In his rant, Kellerman claimed that George was the issue with the Clippers in the postseason and that Ty Lue will need to help bring in a point guard to help out. Kellerman believes the roster isn't good enough right now, although a third star could help turn the tide in a positive direction.

"Paul George is the issue. Let's be honest! That's the issue!" Kellerman said. "Paul George was not good enough in these playoffs and by the way, for all of the handwringing about Kawhi and all that stuff, if Paul George would have just played like an all-star throughout the playoffs, they probably would have been facing the Lakers and probably would have given them a good series."

Heading into the offseason, the Clippers will have a lot to think about, especially after trading away their future just to bring George and Kawhi to Los Angeles.