Max Kellerman is one of those sports television commentators that either gets it spot on, or fails miserably with his takes. Perhaps his worst take was back in 2016 when he said Tom Brady had fallen off of a cliff, only to go out and win two more Super Bowls in that time frame. When it comes to basketball, Kellerman can certainly be off the mark but while talking about the Brooklyn Nets today, you couldn't help but nod your head in agreement. 

Last night, the Nets lost 149-146 against the Washington Wizards after giving up 8 points in the final 8 seconds. Many have been giving the Nets defense grief today, including Kellerman who offered a somber view of the team. In his opinion, this team won't be accomplishing much this season if they keep their team as is.

"You have the worst defense ever playing teams that have a hard time scoring," Kellerman said matter of factly before speaking on just how badly this team needs to retool prior to the playoffs.

Ever since acquiring James Harden, the Nets have had a big problem with defense and after that game against the Wizards, it's clearer than ever before that a big change needs to happen. However, if the Nets quickly turn this around, Kellerman will be eating crow on yet another take.

Max Kellerman

Jason Merritt/Getty Images