Jason Garrett's time with the Dallas Cowboys wasn't as fruitful as fans would have hoped. Despite coaching the team for upwards of 10 years, Garrett was only able to record two playoff wins which simply isn't good enough when you have one of the most talented teams in the entire league. Just last week, Garrett was picked up by the New York Giants in the form of an offensive coordinator. Garrett is known as a solid offensive mind so the hire certainly makes sense.

First Take host Max Kellerman isn't so convinced about the hire and thinks that he simply isn't risky enough for the Giants. Kellerman recalled a time when Garrett refused to go for a first down on 4th & 1. The First Take host went so far as to call Garrett a "coward."

It's important to note that offensive coordinators don't decide whether or not you go for it on fourth down. Having said that, Garrett shouldn't be a problem as an offensive coordinator considering he won't have to make hard decisions like that. Kellerman admits to being a Giants fan so it's not surprising his opinion on the matter is so severe. Regardless, calling someone a coward is pretty harsh.

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