If you ever find yourself at a Maxo Kream concert, or any concert for that matter, do not throw beer on the performer. A fan learned that lesson the hard way Saturday night when Maxo Kream drove from the stage to attack him for doing so.

"When someone throws water on you at your own show: @MAXOKREAM," a user posted on twitter with video of the incident. Maxo can be seen pausing mid-song and flying into the crowd with fists ready to swing. His crew then joins him as they team up on the rowdy fan. No other information is known about the situation as of now, but one fan might have a hefty lawsuit to file soon enough.

"Y'all gon learn to stop throwing shit," the rapper replied to a video of the fight on Twitter. He later expanded saying, "N***a threw beer on me so I whooped his ass."

Maxo Kream is currently finishing up a tour promoting his last album, Brandon Banks, which released in July. The final date is scheduled for tonight, November 17th, in El Paso, Texas. He's also been posting behind the scenes videos throughout the tour. Check out the first episode below.