Maxo Kream found himself in a little squabble this week with Rizzo Rizzo, a Sauce Walka affiliate. The beef was quickly squashed after Maxo and Rizzo squared up but even though, the residual effects lingered on throughout the weekend. Thugger, whose beef with Sauce Walka is well-known, instigated the beef, once again, after calling Maxo "the people's champ." Sauce Walka went off on Thug, demanding that the ATL native stays out of Houston business. Trae The Truth eventually calmed him down.

Following the feud, Maxo hit Instagram Live asking both Thug and Sauce Walka to reach out to him but made it clear that otherwise, he won't referee anyone's beef, especially over the word "drip." "I can bring you to the water, I can't paddle your canoe, baby," he explained.

He later shared an update on the situation on Instagram revealing that he's been in contact with both rappers and that all is well in the South. "I chopped it up with my boy Thug and I chopped it up with my boy Walk, you know what I'm sayin'? So shit, that's all that need to be known. All you spectators, everybody, you know what I'm sayin', lookin' to add some shit up and get a reaction out of some shit, y'all move your bitch ass around," he said.

For some reason, 6ix9ine has apparently been posting and deleting comments underneath Maxo Kream's posts. Maxo added to his post to address this. "Also my n***a 6ix9ine. I see you on my shit. Commenting and shit. Deleting shit," he said. " Look bro, I paid all my parking tickets. I'm not on probation. Stay outta gangsta shit, bro. We gon' ignore that shit. We ain't on that shit. Stay your bitch ass where you at, mane. We don't fuck with rats," he said.

Peep the video below.