Houston rapper Maxo Kream has been released from jail a day after he was arrested for two counts of organized criminal activity. He was taken to Fort Bend County Jail in Richmond, TX after his felony arrest, which took place while Danny Brown's "The Exhibition" tour, on which Maxo is an opener, was traveling through Texas. His bail was reportedly set at $200,000 ($100K per count). Upon his release, Maxo posted a Twitter video thanking his fans for their support and dismissing the allegations of organized crime. Find a transcript of the video below. 

"These n*ggas out here sayin' organized crime, bro. I'm organizing music for my album. Organizing these shows and shit, you know. N*gga doin' right, tryin' to care of the family. They tryin' to fuck it up for me and shit. It's cool, though -- shout-out to all my fans for all the support. Love y'all, man. More Maxo comin'." 

Assuming Maxo will get right back on the road, check out the remaining dates for Danny Brown's "The Exhibition" tour here