Mayhem Lauren & Conway Count Their Blessings In "Venetian Loafers"

Devin Ch
April 04, 2018 12:21

Meyhem Lauren debuts "Venetian Loafers" video ft. Conway.

Meyhem Lauren's whole EP with Harry Fraud is dead set on appealing to your more gluttonous side. Songs littered with references to luxury brands paint Meyhem as an exemplar of timeless fashion pieces. "Venetian Loafers" is a persuasive example of these bragging points coming into view. 

"Venetian Loafers" begins with Mayhem adjusting his designer eyewear, the camera making sure to capture all the objects in view, including a glass of liquor, a well-groomed pooch, a leather sofa bed, wall pieces, exotic fruit, chandeliers, etc. To offset the gaudiness on display, Meyhem offers good explanation for his flexing, mentioning that it comes at a dire cost. Meyhem predicates over lost souls, while Conway jumps in to warn all-comers that he's willing to guard his hard-earned money at all costs. Not for nothing.

Glass is available here for purchase or stream.

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