People have long tried to get at the special sauce used in McDonald’s Big Macs, but it’s recipe is kept secret by the brand (sorta – it’s basically Thousand Island dressing). Someone even bought a bottle of the stuff for just under $100,000 at a charity auction on eBay. That person might be a bit upset, since there’s about to be a lot more bottles of the stuff soon.

As part of McDonald’s roll out for their new Mac Jr. and Grand Mac, the fast food chain is going to give away 10,000 bottles of its Big Mac Special sauce starting tomorrow, January 26. Each bottle will be 11.4 ounces. The giveaway details are still under wraps, but the giveaway locations are likely to be select McDonald’s locations around the country.

Check out the announcement tweet below. McDonald’s will be making the reveal live on Twitter at 2pm EST. Are y’all ready to see people lined up outside McDonald’s like it’s Supreme?