McDonald's has returned to Chicago to establish it global headquarters with the creation of an innovative space of epic proportions. The fast food giant was based in Chicago between the years of 1955 and 1971 so it seems only appropriate that they return to Chicago to establish the new $250 Million dollar Headquarters. After opening a sleek, flagship in the same city early this year, McDonald's continues to illustrate to the world just how unprecedented their vision of the future is. 

The space is reportedly designed to optimize the productivity and collaboration of staff members featuring an open plan layout, numerous outdoor terrace spots and McCafé spaces, as well as "work neighborhoods." Museum-like displays honoring McDonald's culture and memorabilia such as Happy Meal toys and other vintage trinkets are also slated to be featured. In addition to this, the space will also be geared towards increased sustainability incorporating various 'green' elements. It is said that kitchen waste products will be composted and used on the building's green roof. 

The ground floor of the office will house a one of a kind McDonald’s restaurant entitled the “Experience of the Future” restaurant. It will serve a changing menu of McDonald’s specials from around the world and a menu of staple items. A number of developments such as mobile order and payment, self-order kiosks, table service, and enhanced hospitality will also emerge as defining additions.

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Look inside McDonald's new Chicago headquarters from CNBC.