McDonald's changed the fast food game, for better or for worse. Super Size Me exposed the effects of eating McDonald's consistently and several other studies that have been conducted reveal that it's just bad for your health but at the end of the day, we still eat it. While the Fortune 500 company continues to exploit our health for their pockets, McDonald's Sweden rolled out a new initiative to help keep bees from going extinct.

McDonald's Sweden just launched the smallest-restaurant for bees called McHive. McDonald's new sustainability initiative is to help preserve the population of bees in the country which has been quickly declining. The company previously had beehives placed on top of some of the locations across the country. The McHive innovates their previous beekeeping box hives to match the look of the current McDonald's restaurants, except smaller, obviously. 

“We have a lot of really devoted franchisees who contribute to our sustainability work, and it feels good that we can use our size to amplify such a great idea as beehives on the rooftops – this miniature McDonald’s is a tribute to franchisee Christina Richter’s initiative,” said Christoffer Rönnblad, marketing director of McDonald’s Sweden.

With their newly launched campaign, McDonald's Sweden hopes that this initiative not only spreads throughout Sweden but all across the world as well.

Peep the new ad below.