Back in 2016, a fatal shooting occurred at a Meek Mill concert in Connecticut which left two people dead. Since then, police have been searching for the suspects behind the shooting. Today, it's reported that police have arrested and charged two people in connection to the shooting.

The Associated Press reports that police have made two arrests in connection to the Meek Mill concert shooting. Kylie Hampton, 23, and Tivon Edwards face first degree murder among other charges. Hampton is scheduled to appear in court on July 31st. His bail was set at $1 million. Edwards arraignment in scheduled for Monday. At this point, the court documents did not list any court records.

On December 30th, 2016, two men, Travis Ward and Jaquan Graves, were shot in the parking lot of the venue after Meek Mill's show while two others were injured. Police have said that the shooting doesn't seem to be related to Meek Mill. 

Despite the fact that police believe that Meek had no connection to the shooting, the rapper was sued by Ward's family in 2017 as well as another man injured in the shooting, Nathan Mitchell. Along with Meek, they sued the Oakland Theatre for not bring properly equipped to handle the crowd at the concert. In addition, Jacquan Graves' family also sued Meek Mill and Roc Nation over the 2016 shooting.