Following the death of Pop Smoke, Meek Mill has been taking to Instagram to reflect on the dangers of the rap game and how they can be circumvented. A few days ago, he lamented that black men were killing each other at an alarming rate, using Smoke's likeness to drive the distressing point home. Today he's back with another word of advice on the topic, once again using Pop Smoke to reiterate the importance of his message. 

Meek shared a clip of Pop Smoke and DJ Kay Slay speaking on the dangers of ascension, in which Kay Slay maintains that soldiers should be kept close at all times. "Money don't change you but when you become a boss, guess what?" says the legendary DJ. "That's what soldiers is for! You the king, they supposed to protect you on the muthafuckin' chess board. If your head drop, if you get locked down, what happens to them?" Smoke seems impressed by the take, agreeing with Kay Slay's perspective -- down his final warning, haunting in retrospect: "All ya'll n***as around Pop Smoke, protect him with your mothafuckin' life." 

Meek Mill Pop Smoke

 Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Meek offered his own take on the discourse, showing Kay Slay some respect in the process. "YOUNGBULLS LISTEN!!!!! REST UP POP!!!! SOLID GAME!! @djkayslay," he captions. "If you not protecting me or adding value it’s no place for you!!! #restuppop YOU CANNOT GO FROM WORKER TO BOSS AND SURVIVE WITHOUT CHANGE!"

At this point, Meek Mill appears to be taking on the role of a wizened OG, using his platform to share his experience to those transitioning from the streets to the industry. As it's becoming abundantly clear, a few difficulties are inherent in making a change of that nature. Old grudges aren't exactly quick to fade once money becomes involved -- if anything, they only intensify. Check out Meek's message below.