It's getting to that time of year. Artists across the board are starting to stake their claim on the new year, pledging their take-overs and promising to unleash a flurry of new music in 2020. Lil Uzi Vert came through with an announcement overnight that he would be "flooding" us with content when the new decade rolls in and now, Meek Mill is doing the same.

Taking to social media, Meek Mill declared that he's about to have a major year. Following up the Grammy-nominated Championships will be no easy task for the Philadelphia veteran but Meek appears to have some tricks up his sleeve. He started his tirade by letting us into the studio to see "the making of his new shit," previewing a banger before introducing us to one of his friends on the upcoming album. Posting a looped video of himself and Justin Timberlake during what appears to be a video shoot, Meek said that 2020 would be "different."

"I hope you still believe in me," wrote the recording artist, tagging Justin Timberlake in the post. It's not a secret that the two have been working together in the studio. Timberlake previously noted that he also has collaborations with Lizzo and SZA in the cut, potentially teasing a big year for himself as well. After the alleged cheating scandal, he needs to drop some good music to redeem himself to the public.

Are you excited about this?